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"Thank you so much, Kim! I appreciate you already. I'm in slight misbelief over how fast my skin is changing texture and tone... wish I would have taken before photos! I definitely attribute the success to the first package you sent and am looking forward to the next." Esther from Phoenix, AZ

"My favorite product is the T4 Dark Circle/Puffy Eye Cream! No matter how puffy my eyes look when I wake up, within minutes of using just a tiny bit of the cream, they start to look better and better!" Sarena from San Francisco, CA

"I am an aging woman who has always taken good care of my complexion but it became sensitive to nearly everything I used a few years ago. Good fortune brought me to Kim and her lines of high quality natural skin care. My face remains glowing, smooth, even creamy feeling and nearly wrinkle free with few signs of my true age. Peels also bring the benefit of a monthly visit with my new friend, Kim." Barb from Greenwood, IN

"This stuff is amazing! It's the best skincare I've had. The products make your skin so much smoother and my face is not oily in some spots and dry in others, it has evened out as far as oil is concerned. It's been almost 2 months and I have almost completely given up concealer, powder, etc. except for a few spot concealer places.
After the first week:
I noticed that my skin was starting to get smoother and no new large blemishes were appearing. The ones I did have were slowly going away. They were rather large and uncomfortable and I had been battling them for months especially around my jawline. I used the peel and immediately noticed smoother skin, smaller pores and more moisture in my skin.
After 2 weeks:
I noticed I had almost no new blemishes and the ones I had were almost gone. My skin tone was evening out and it was the first time I saw enough results to actually stick with a skin care regimen.
After 2 months:
I have 1 (count that... 1!!) large blemish and a few very small ones but I am mostly blemish free which hasn't happened since I was about 13! I still see dark spots from where I had acne before but overall my skin is smooth and not irritated. I'm guessing that I will be able to go mostly makeup free (except for mascara and lip color) by May!" - Alex from New Hampshire

"Whats so different about Tzone? Quality, Price, Personalized Service and Education!
I'm a sun worshiper, been a swimmer and loving the beach my entire life. When it comes to tackling any spots, lines or wrinkles, Kim refers to the strategies Founder, Helena Armour recommends since the Armour family spends so much time outdoors golfing. I learned that because Tzone is a cosmeceutical/dermaceutical supplier, these products have the highest strength the Food and Drug Administration allows without a prescription which gives me the confidence I needed to continue to enjoy my outdoor lifestyle.
The different products, which all work together have made a huge difference in my skin. My favorites: Vitamin C, Dry & Damaged Peptide Moisture, Retin-A (vitamin A) and the Amazing Zinc-based Sunscreen.
I'm spending a fraction of what I used to purchase through my dermatologist, and quite frankly, feel my skin looks much better! I LOVE TZone and especially enjoy working with Kim." - Kandice from Carmel, IN

"My skin has not looked this good in years and I'll be 50. I've tried so many products and have never been happier with my Tzone. It seems like every day I have people comment on how great my skin looks; I'm even going 'natural' some days with confidence, I owe it all to the consistent monthly peels and the amazing Tzone products. I suggest not wasting anymore time and money, these products work!" - Charlotte from Carmel, IN

"Kim is so personable and has been easy to work with even though I live in another state. I’m in love with the foundation! It goes on smooth, a little dewy and evens out my skin color. The skin peels zap any pimps I have and the T4 Collagen-Boosting Face Repair Creme really keeps my skin hydrated in the winter months." - Katie from Georgia