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H Pro Biotic Face Tonic


Paraben Free + Paba Free
This powerful blend of coconut water, natural alpha hydroxy and pre-biotic lactic, antioxidants and zinc heals blemishes and red skin and restores damaged and dry skin. Its unique blend of anti-bacterial ingredients helps destroy bacteria build-up and wash away dead skin cells to alleviate problem skin, control blemishes and hydrate dry patches to achieve clearer and more radiant skin. Pro-biotic yogurt powder destroys blemish causing bacteria, fungus and germs. Daisy flower has been added to brighten and enhance skin glow. Natural antioxidants green tea, acai, bilberry and lemon achieve amazing results by closing pores, calming inflammation and firming, smoothing and restoring the skin’s natural pH balance.

Directions: Apply to clean face. May be used throughout the day to hydrate and refresh skin or refresh makeup application.