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About Me


I have been working with skincare since I can remember. Many a weekends were spent creating ‘healthy’ skin masks consisting of egg whites, oatmeal, cucumber, yogurt and honey with my mom, sister and grandma. After college I started my career working for Elizabeth Arden, (when it was owned by Eli Lilly & Company), and learned the importance of scientific advances to skin repair. (As a matter of fact, Elizabeth Arden released the patented Ceramide Serum back in the ‘80’s). Since then, I’ve been on the search for results-oriented, natural effective products that heal and restore the skin to it’s natural beauty and hopefully, remove the damage I did before ‘no sunscreen’. Any one else remember the days of frying your skin on an aluminum tarp, while using baby oil and iodine to tint our skin? UGH, If only we knew. 


After spending hours and thousands in the aisles of the department store, medi-spas and buy-in MLM’s, I found a custom blend company in Cincinnati (now Naples, FL) that caught my attention. In 2012 I started using the Tzone Skincare line with glorious results to include firmness, reduced lines & redness, faded melasma and a healthy way to treat my monthly ‘flare-ups’. Plus, I was offered a spa-like benefit that I was paying $50-$150 for - a monthly, complimentary ‘peel program’. After speaking with founder Helena Armour, learning about her philosophy and understanding how important this mission is to her, her family (Tommy Armour Golf) and the rest of the active Golf and Tennis Community, I took the plunge. In 2015, I formed KRBFFBiz, LLC -an exclusive Distributor of T4 and H skincare, hair and body products. My website: Tzone Skin Repair is my personal company site featuring authorized products which are manufactured in the USA at Fair Market Value hopefully removing the 'elitism' of quality skincare. I am proud to say our company is honest about the percentages of active ingredients and supports the California Safe Cosmetics Act. We pioneered the FREE cosmeceutical medi-spa monthly peel program for our clients. As a privately-owned, indie-brand, we continue to release state-of-the-art products ahead of the competition (including the healing AHA pre-and pro-biotic skincare programs) at a fraction of the price with small batch production guaranteeing quality and efficacy. 


It’s easy to get started: JUST CALL OR MESSAGE ME AND I’LL WALK YOU THROUGH THE PEEL PROGRAM RELEASE. (Found on MyTzone.net – please scroll to find me: Your Rep: Kim Reinhart). Our superficial or medium peel program is not a requirement to use our skincare and makeup; however, it helps active ingredients penetrate deeper. According to WebMd (Aug 21,2006), chemical peeling has been shown to remove precancerous skin growths and slow cancer. Go to www.tzoneskinrepair.com to review our vast product list and testimonials. For a minimal order, if you have a retail setting and would like to offer our products, and peel programs; I would love to review this option with you and help you pursue your dream. Or maybe you want to confidently share a skin repair system to your friends and family that simply just works! Let’s talk. 


It is a pleasure for me to share the advances in skincare and makeup news and help you keep your skin a-glowin!